About myself

I enjoy several things. So here’s a few things I like and hope to share about and hope you will enjoy the journey with me.

First and foremost is serving our Lord and Savior Jesus. Because of that, I have a passion for missions and seeking ways to get those who don’t know Him to a place where they can meet.

I also love languages which helped me with my passion for missions. As a child I studied Spanish from every source I could . Living in Upstate NY in the 70s and 80s, our local school district thought it wiser to offer French with our proximity to Quebec and Spanish was not an option. So I took French. French is a beautiful language however my passion was more leaning to Spanish and therefore I found myself many nights translating or somehow applying what I learned in French class to how the same fit into Spanish.  In my Sophomore year my grandparents took me to Mexico for three weeks . My mind was a sponge and I quickly picked up as many new words, phrases and cultural references I could. Returning to my French class after that trip was more or less an obligation to finish the year, my Spanish had now become more solidly rooted and surpassed what I knew about French. Besides, after that trip I often found myself inserting Spanish words into my French homework which was frustrating to both myself and teacher.

What would have been my Junior year of High School, I got my first real taste of missions and submersion in the Spanish language both at once. From January to March of that year became a real turning point in my life.  I applied for a passport, arranged with a family member who was a full time missionary in Colombia to allow me to stay with them and upon arriving in Colombia, enrolled in a local High school, participated in evangelical activities they were a part of including a visit to the inner most parts of a Colombian prison, long hikes into the mountains where coffee farmers gathered for Bible study and various church activities. My eyes were being opened to things a kid growing up in a prosperous United States had never seen before.

Returning to the States was hard, My heart was now on the mission field but I know now God had some things I needed to go through to get prepared. My family had a long history with Elim Bible Institute in Lima, NY. I in no way wanted to go there so I sought out other opportunities to study and prepare.  Because I had no High School Diploma yet, the only door that was open was Elim. At Elim I learned a lot about submission, if nothing else that was  a major step. Not that I submit to any and all who think they have authority as I am a strong advocate for protecting the rights our founding fathers gave us by their blood even if it means being arrested, however in the church, we must submit even when there is no understandable reason why as long as it does not require you to sin. It was a lesson to stop fighting the small stuff and focus on the primary goal God has, and that’s to bring as many that will into His Kingdom.

After a year at Elim, I thought I was ready but God knows when we are ready and will open doors in His time. I thought I should join a ministry in Texas that had a mission in Mexico as well as in the Texan prison system. I spent a month in Texas even though deep down I knew it wasn’t what God had in mind. I thought I could fast track his plans and get right to work. God let me go, He gave me just enough with not even $1 to spare to get there. I spent the next four weeks regretting that decision. My wise father took me to a local restaurant before I left to tell me if when I got to Texas that if I found I had made a mistake to not hesitate in calling home.