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Kodi is an amazing software that allows you to manage and play your media. It can be played on virtually any computerized device rather on a Linux machine, in Windows, an android device or Iphone.

Kodi comes with no addons or media preinstalled. In order to view content you need to give Kodi access to your media directory or have an addon that can display and play media from an Internet source. Since Kodi is open source, it allows developers, professional or hobbiests to create and share addons that give Kodi a means to play content. Many addons will play copywrited material illeagally, if that's your intent don't expect support from the actual Kodi developers. You can under a properly set up Kodi player play movies from a Netflix account or Hulu as well as free movie sites like Popcorn. My intent is to develop addons that play freely accessable content of websites such as churches or other interesting content that is plyed freely without a subscription. To the right is a list of my addons that can be installed on your Kodi player free of charge for your enjoyment.
To install these addons, add the following as a source to your Kodi file manager:
Give it a name and click on ok.

now in my addons goto get more and install from ZIP
navegate to the name you gave this source and you will see the addons available. Click on the ones you want and Kodi will add them.

Northridge Church -- Playes sermons from Northridge Church in Rochester, NY

Lifepoint --- Plays sermons from the four campuses of Lifepoint Columbus, OH.

Vinyard ---- Plays sermons from Vinyard Columbus, OH.